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The Museum of Medecine


01. Story


Inaugurated in 1995, the Museum of Medicine illustrates the history of thought and medical practice from antiquity to the present day using instruments, works of art and archaeological objects. It also presents a rich collection of anatomical waxes and ancient medical books. The Museum of Medicine is also available for various events such as conferences, seminars or receptions.

02. Studycase

Experience & Challenge

``Nous avons pu partager de façon immersive notre musée avec des membres de la communauté scientifique issus des quatre coins de la planète. Le Showcase 3d a également facilité nos animations scolaires, l'organisation des évènements et la location des salles prévues à cet effet.``

— Thierry A.

Président du Musée de la Médecine - ULB Campus Erasme

03. Our Process

Challenge & Experience

We had the privilege to scan the first Museum of Medicine in the world in 3D. This was an amazing yet impressive place certainly not for the faint of heart. The collection is very wide, from ancient Egyptian sarcophagus to modern 3D brain scanning technologies.



Reality capture team scans 360 4K panoramic photos and 3D data from interior spaces.



After all multimedia tags are integrated, Panoraman provided sharing links and html embed code to webmaster.



Periodic view stats reporting and multimedia tags updates are provided.