3D Showcase Google Business View



01. Story

Case study

Hotel De Colvenier is a surprising and unique hotel located in the city centre. The hotel has 3 spacious suites and 1 spacious duplex suite with a terrace which is in comparable to an apartment. Hotel De Colvenier is located in the heart of Antwerp’s vibrant city centre. The distinctive and historical characteristics of the building give the hotel an unusual and idyllic atmosphere.

02. Studycase

Customer Experience

``We have generated more 45.000 views on Google last year. We are thrilled about our client feedback and reviews as well. We also hear nice comments about the 3D Showcase in terms of event planning and space exploration. Its definitely an innovating wow factor for our customers online.``

— Patrick V.

Customer Technology Experience

03. Our Process

Challenges & Experiences

A successful hotel scanning session lies in good organization. Making a full 3D Showcase can take up to three days depending on the space size and client/employees occupation.



Reality capture team scans 360 4K panoramic photos and 3D data.



Panoramas provides sharing links and html embed code to webmaster.



Periodic view stats reporting and multimedia tags updates are provided.