Destination Wedding Photography

By Aurore Martignoni


Aurora is a photographer and journalist currently based in Brussels, Belgium. After her journalism studies at the ULB university, 15 years ago, she started capturing international couples in more than six countries throughout Europe and Est Asia. Today, her goal is to build a location independent family life with professional and cultural connections worldwide.

What’s her philosophy?

As a journalist who gives attention to detail, she believes wedding photography can be a delicate and spontaneous way to unveil a love story somewhere in time. Her delicate touch and fearless technique has delivered more than 28 memorable stories for generations.

She likes to work with:

Couples that like to have a good time and challenge her camera. She likes idealistic souls who actively seek happiness and spend hours looking in each others eyes. Couples who give attention to little things, animated by curiosity and receptive to details. Those who value simplicity and harmony, who believe love can live forever.



If you reached this sentence, you might have things in common with Aurora.

She will be pleased to meet your expectations.

You can contact her via her website @