Its Saturday, 16th September 2017 and your wedding, is about begin. 


  1. Have the rings/ring box with one of the ladies in the prep area for photography purposes. We will then have them handed off to the best man prior to the service.
  1. Let your relatives and bridal party members know what time to be present for their formals.
  1. Text me the room number for the prep or let the front desk know I’m coming.
  1. Let me know if there are any changes or updates to this schedule at my number 0488878246


10:00am-11:30am Photographer arrives at ______________________________________

Photographer will capture ladies’ prep and details at this time.

Requested images:

Gown, shoes, garter, invite, save the date, wedding bands, e-ring, jewelry (necklace, bracelet), floral, possible card, bridesmaid gifts, handwritten vows, candids of prep

11:30am-12:30pm Photographer will capture images of the groom’s prep at his location.

We will then also begin groom’s formals and the groom with the groomsmen at approximately 12pm around the grounds of the hotel. We would need the groomsmen there at that time, dressed and ready.

Requested images:

  • Any details present-bouts, tux fronts, card, handwritten vows “Prep” shots
  • Groom alone
  • Groom with each groomsman

12:30-12:45pm Bride dresses.

12:45-1:30pm We will begin the bride’s formals on site. We would like to have the bridesmaids and the bride’s immediate family dressed and ready by 1:00pm and we will all meet in the bride’s suite.

Requested images:

  • Bride alone
  • Bride with each maid (2)
  • Bride with all maids (2)
  • Photo of each maid solo
  • Bride with mom
  • Bride with dad
  • Bride with mom and dad
  • Bride with brother
  • Bride with mom, dad, and brother
  • Bride with mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law

1:30-2:25pm Church or event location address: _____________________________________________

Requested images:

First look

  • Bride and groom formals
  • Bridal party formals
  • Reflection shot
  • Several different areas around Station Square

2:25-2:30pm Groom’s immediate family portraits.

Requested images:

  • Groom with mom
  • Groom with dad
  • Groom with mom and dad
  • Groom with sister
  • Groom with mom/dad/sister
  • Groom with mom/dad/sister/brother-in-law

2:30-2:50pm Bridal party, immediate family, and photographer board shuttle and travel to the following address: __________________________________________________________________________

2:50-3:00pm Bride, groom, and bridal party portraits

4:00-4:30pm Set-up for ceremony, guests are seated.

Requested images: programs, ceremony decor

4:30-5:00pm Ceremony

Ceremony tips:

Hold bouquets at belly button.

  1. When you come down the aisle, look ahead and PAUSE, walk slowly.
  2. Walk around the back of the unity candle to light it in audience view if possible.
  3. Hold your kiss for three seconds at the end of the ceremony.

Requested images: unity candle, readers, vows, rings, kiss

5:00-5:10pm Sparkler send-off

5:50-6:20pm On location night portraits.

Possible locations include: __________________________________________________________________

6:20-6:50pm Bride and groom will enter refresher area to relax. Photographer will enter reception area to capture details.

Details: cocktail hour shots, cupcakes, cake topper, server, flutes, escort cards, favors, table names, guestbook, card box, gift table

6:50-7:00pm Prepare for introductions. Consult with band on where couples will enter and pose for their photo.

7:00-7:10pm Introductions, followed by a toast and dinner service.

7:10-8:20pm Meal service concludes and is followed by cake cutting, first dance, F/D, M/S

8:20-11:00pm Reception continues. Photography will complete after capturing of open dancing as well as bouquet toss. Any other groups will be photographed as requested.




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